Advice and Tips for Everest Trek

Read these Everest Base Camp Trek advice and tips to enjoy and experience the successful trekking journey as planned. These suggestion are useful for trekking in Everest.

  1. If you are not use to walking few hours, this trekking trip will be very difficult for you. You need to walk approx. 5 hours each day during the trek. So practice and train yourself walking minimum 2 hours each day. You can go for walking with backpack up the hill because you are going to the trek to the Himalayas.
  2. Be mentally prepared for the mountain life during the trek. You have to enjoy the challenges and hardship rather than to suffer.
  3. Make the best preparation of the necessary gear and equipment, clothing etc. Check out the gear list and consult our guide before you leave.
  4. You must keep your body calm and hydrated throughout the trek. Higher the altitude, quicker the dehydration. So drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration problem.
  5. You will be suffering some sort of headache and nausea at the altitude. Don’t be panic at the situation. Just take enough rest and drink water sufficiently. You might need some medical treatment if goes problematic.
  6. You might hear the saying that slow and steady never win the race. But mind it that Everest Base Camp trek is not the race. So you have to be slow and steady while walking to avoid the problems during the trek.
  7. Get some favorite chocolates and goodies in your bag. You will be burning your calories and need as much calories as you can to finish this adventure trip.
  8. Get away from the direct sunlight due the less UV protected rays at the higher altitude during the trek. Put some sunblock cream and sun hat with you.
  9. Enjoy each moment of the trek in the Himalayas. You will be exploring the natural beauty around the villages and trekking trail. Be open minded and enjoy the time of holidays.

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