Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Frequently asked questions and answers related to trekking in Everest region. This information gives you an enough preparation time.

What is the best time of year for Everest Base Camp trek?
Technically, Everest Base Camp trek is possible all year round. But the best time is the autumn season that starts from September through November before heavy snowfall begins.
However there is next best time for the trek in the spring season that starts from March through May.

What kind of weather like during trek?
Weather condition is hard to predict in the Himalayas. But it will be certainly colder and tough. You will be advised for necessary preparation for the trek.

What is the age limit for the EBC trek?
There is no strict age bar for this trek. However, children cannot do the trek and other trekkers must be physically fit and walking stamina for about 5 hours each day. You must be health conscious during the trek.

How many days needed for the trek?
Normally this EBC trek can be done in 10 days to 20 days. Shorter the no. of trekking days, tougher the journey. So don’t make the trekking days short to spoil the adventure journey in the Himalayas. You will be trekking up to highest altitude of Everest Base Camp at 17,500 ft.

What is the accommodation like during the trek?
The EBC trek is more like tea house trek type. There are plenty of nice and comfortable tea houses and lodges available along the trekking trail. You will be provided with nice room, delicious dishes menu and comfortable bed for overnight stay. Hot water for shower is also available.

What kinds of meal like during the trek?
You will be warm served with delicious local meals like bread, hot soups, gravy vegetables, sweet potatoes, popular Tibetan momo, pizza and pasta depending upon your request.
Breakfast will be serving with eggs, toast, muesli, hot porridge, cheese, butter, honey etc.

Is there any battery charging fee for devices during the trek?
Of course, you might be charging extra fee for device batteries. They might charge USD 1 to 3.

Is there any bank or ATM facility in the Khumbu region?
Yes, there is good facility of bank and ATM in Lukla and Namche Bazaar.

Is there internet facility during the trek?
There are nice facility of landline and satellite phones and of course internet in some selected places. But mobile communication has been highly developed and easily available.

What kind of problems can arise at higher altitude?
There is huge change of AMS problem i.e. Acute Mountain Sickness problem. It may cause some problem as you trek higher above 3500 meter altitude (11,482 ft.). But don’t worry about that. We have carefully designed our Everest Base Camp trek itinerary with sufficient time for acclimatization and less walking time each day. And our experienced trek guide will be helping you with it.

Do I need insurance before the Trek?
Yes, you need to be insured before the adventure trekking in Nepal from your home country. However we will be always with you taking care of throughout the whole EBC trek.

What will be my expenses each trekking day?
We have clearly mentioned your trekking cost expenses in our itinerary. Your daily expenses depend upon your style of living and habits. Extra costs will be necessary for any refreshments items during the trek.

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